Depression hat Rooms


Depression Chat Rooms

Explaining your symptoms of depression and anxiety to a non-sufferer is a futile attempt at best… sort of like trying to explain to a father how to carry a child to term inside their body. They simply have no frame of reference and cannot relate or empathize. At the core of depressive symptoms are fear and isolation. We feel ashamed and alone and do not want any of our close family and friends to know we are suffering internally. But just like a freight train roars and can at times seem out of control, when those jolts of air sucking feelings come over you, you want to crawl into the nearest manhole and hide from all reality.

I am Scott Lifer. I was nearing the age of 40 when I decided to take matters into my own hands and find an alternative to drugs and invasive therapies for my depression. I simply could not take the tremors, shakes and convulsions that came with being on a benzodiazepine and SSRI any longer. The side effects were now far outweighing the reason I starting taking the anti-anxiety meds in the first place. I knew I had to reach out, and my online search lead me to a depression chat room. I didn’t even know such a thing existed but I knew I was isolated and had to reach out and find some solutions beyond pharmaceutical influences. But what I quickly found was, as good as a depression chat room could be for venting your frustrations, it really didn’t provide and solution based knowledge. It was more of an online coffee house gripe session to vent out what had been suppressed for so long. Don’t get me wrong, it was helpful in the beginning but I needed more. So I began a personal search for doctors, scientists, and psychiatrists who were schooled in alternative therapies. It led me to such terms as orthomolecular healing, intra-cellular therapies and nutritional modalities. It didn’t take me long to realize that this was the answer. So I created my own version of a depression chat room with the core of its structure being to educate and provide a roadmap for healing the natural way. This quickly became a movement and has become the leader in natural healing methods without the dangers of drugs. The depression chat room on is set up as a forum of interactions and support groups for depression where people can not only learn but post their success stories and implement therapies with treatments with a 30 year track record.

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